Mattress package 60 x 120 cm

Everything you need to make the child bed comfortable!

Comfort mattress, Luftig top mattress and bed sheet at package price.

Comfort mattress is a hygienic mattress with pressure relief suitable for children.

With Luftig topmattress you get, as the name suggests, an airy surface. It is made of air mesh that circulates the air around the child well, absorbs moisture and protects the mattress underneath.

The Easygrow sheet is designed to preserve the air circulation that the mattress topper provides. Made in soft cotton.

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Comfort children's mattress

Comfort is a good hygienic children's mattress (60x120) that gives your child a good sleeping environment. The core is made of environmental foam, and has a cover in soft, elastic stretch fabric on the outside. The cover is removable and easy to wash and dry. Both sides of Comfort can be used. Produced in Norway.

The mattress cores are CertiPur certified and the cover Oeko-Tex 100 certified (21.HCN.45383). Tested and approved according to NS-EN 597-1: 2015.

Luftig top mattress

Luftig top mattress is designed to give the child the best possible sleeping environment, both in terms of comfort and hygiene. The top mattress is made up of three layers with three different properties. The top layer is made of thick 3D air mesh that breathes very well. The core is highly absorbent and attracts moisture, which also means that the surface feels dry for the child. The bottom is waterproof and breathable, which protects the mattress/bed underneath. Works like a pee sheet, but with so much more comfort.

Luftig top mattress protects the child against bacteria and allergens, and ensures a better night's sleep by preventing the child from accidentally getting wet. The mattress topper is easy to attach to the mattress in the bed with rubber bands in each corner.

Wash at 60 degrees.

Comes in the sizes cradle 40x90, cot 60x120 and junior bed 70x140.

Øko-Tex certified (21.HCN.45383)


The Easygrow sheet is designed to provide the best possible air circulation. Perfect in combination with Easygrow mattresses to preserve the breathable properties of Airy top mattress and Calm mattress. The sheet is tailored and stretchy so that it is easy to put on and take off. Comes in white and grey, and three different sizes. Made in soft cotton and is Oeko-Tex certified.

Wash at 60 degrees and hang to dry, dries quickly.

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