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Easygrow - products that last year after year!

Easygrow has been developed over many years, alongside you parents. Thank you for all the feedback and ideas! This enables us to enjoy excellent products for all the little ones we love!

Easygrow aims to create quality products that are safe for our children and good for the environment. Therefore, we make choices during development that may not be the best economically, but they provide the products we desire for both our children and the environment we're growing up in. Thinking long-term might cost a little more in the present production, but over time - years and generations - we will all benefit from a more environmentally friendly approach. With new research and knowledge about what's eco-friendly, we can improve a little bit every day in this area.

We choose organic materials where possible and strive to find materials that are Oeko-Tex certified. All our foot muffs undergo extra testing at Oeko-Tex and have the license number Oeko-Tex Standard 100; 18.HCN.38944. This needs to be renewed every year.

Furthermore, the water-resistant foot muffs are treated with Bionic Finish ECO - an environmentally friendly impregnation. In the newer foot muff productions, we have opted to use recycled materials. Quality is a priority, and we are committed to making products that last a long time! An Easygrow foot muff is meant to be handed down through generations!

The story

The year is 2004, the place is Levanger. The sisters Maria and Elisabeth, both mothers themselves, are on the hunt for the best products for their babies, just like any new mothers. Searching for a suitable baby foot muff, they couldn’t find one that met their exact needs. This prompted them to start sewing their own.

They sewed numerous of foot muffs. Eventually, they created their ultimate baby foot muff. Its special feature was a practical extension part that allowed the bag to grow as the child grew.

They got it patented and the very first product of today’s Easygrow was born. They then drove to kids stores across Norway to present their product. With children in the backseat and foot muffs in the trunk. Two sisters, two mothers, two hardworking women with a dream to create something.

This ”something” has now become a workplace for several employees, a Norwegian supplier of children’s equipment, a local business (still located in Levanger), and still led by the same Maria.

And we still take new steps forward, each year. This includes our expanding range of products – both the well-known favorites and exciting newcomers. Additionally, we’re focusing on sustainability and the environment. With a desire to lead the way in making eco-conscious choices within our market. The story has only just begun for Easygrow.

Our production

Our production takes place in controlled environments at factories in Norway, China, and Estonia. The production sites are visited regularly to ensure the quality of the products, so that we can be as confident as possible that the factories adhere to our values of sustainable development. Our aim is for the Global Compact to serve as the foundation for the company's guiding principles. Learn more about the Global Compact guiding principles.

The down in our products comes from ducks that are used in the food production industry. The down is not plucked from live birds! We use only duck down/feathers in our foot muff. The down is also certified by CFDIA (China Down and Feather Industrial Association), which conducts regular unannounced inspections at the factories. We also do not use real fur or leather in our products, but rather synthetic alternatives. Many of our foot muff models also feature organic cotton against the child's skin, and in our latest spring and winter collections, we have transitioned to using recycled polyester. We strive to get a little better in this area every day!

We appreciate both criticism and praise! Please feel free to reach out if you have tips, ideas, or other feedback – this is how our new products are created and continuously improved each year. Thank you to all of you for the suggestions we've received, from mothers and fathers who see a need in their busy everyday lives!


Milestones for Easygrow:

Gaselle award 2018 og 2019

In 2018 and 2019, Easygrow became a Gaselle Company. This is an award presented by Dagens Næringsliv (Norway's leading business newspaper). Gaselles are Norway's fastest-growing companies. The criteria to qualify as a Gaselle Company are: 

  • The company must have been established for 4 years or more.
  • The company must have had revenue growth for the past 4 years.
  • Revenue must have more than doubled over the past 4 years.
  • The company must have had a positive operating result for the past 4 years.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2019

In 2019, Easygrow received the Entrepreneur of the Year award for Innherred and Stjørdal. The award is given out by Sparebank1 SMN, and the justification is: "The award goes to the best company in retail in Innherred and Stjørdal, based on revenue growth and profitability over the last three fiscal years."

Nordic Swan Ecolabel - World's First

In 2021, Easygrow became the world's first to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for a foot muff. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has incredibly strict requirements before they label a product, so we are very proud to have achieved this. The label sets demands for the entire lifecycle of a product, from the origin of raw materials, production including factory working conditions, material treatment, to the final product and quality. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official eco-label for the Nordic countries.

Learn more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. And find the foot muff here.

Winner of EY Entrepreneur of The Year for the Mid-Norway Region 2023

In 2022, the CEO and founder of Easygrow AS, Maria Dalen, won the EY Entrepreneur of The Year award for the Mid-Norway region. The victory came in the "Sustainability" category and leads to participation as a national finalist. The national award takes place in Oslo in February 2023, and the winner there advances to the international finals in Monaco. "EY Entrepreneur of The Year (EOY) is the world's largest growth program with awards in over 60 countries. EOY stands out from other growth competitions by focusing on more than the entrepreneur's and company's ability for economic growth. In the nomination process, we emphasize the entrepreneur's role, values, leadership, and not least, social and environmental engagement. In this way, EOY encompasses the entire company and its DNA."

Learn more about EOY 2023 here.

Easygrow AS

We are a small Norwegian company based in Levanger, Trøndelag, where we have both our office and warehouse at Gråmyrvegen 44.

You can reach us by email or phone at 900 43 043.

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @easygrowofnorway.

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