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Everything you need to know about TOG

TOG value in baby night bags

Getting your baby to fall asleep is perhaps one of the most satisfying experiences for parents of young children. A crucial part of achieving this is ensuring that your baby maintains the right temperature and comfort during sleep. This is where the TOG value comes into play. You may have heard of it before but are unsure of what it means. In this post, we will guide you through understanding what TOG is and how you can improve your baby's sleep by understanding TOG.

What is TOG?

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a standard unit used to measure the insulation level of textiles, especially in relation to bedding and sleeping bags. The TOG value indicates how well a textile retains heat. The higher the TOG value, the better the insulation capacity of the textile, and the warmer it will be to use.

An indication

Generally, a low TOG value indicates that the sleeping bag is suitable for warmer environments or summer use, while a higher TOG value is more suitable for cooler rooms or winter use. It is important to note that the TOG value is just one factor to consider when choosing a sleeping bag. Other factors such as room temperature, baby's age, and personal preferences must also be taken into account. By combining knowledge of TOG values with common sense and observation of your baby's response, parents can ensure a safe and comfortable sleep experience for their little ones.

Feeling the baby's neck

When checking your baby's temperature, it is recommended to feel the neck.

  • A warm neck indicates that the baby is comfortable and well-dressed.
  • A cold neck means that the baby needs more clothes or a thicker sleeping bag.
  • A clammy neck suggests that the baby may be wearing too many clothes.

TOG in Easygrow sleeping bags

Here you will find an overview of our sleeping bags and guidance on dressing for different room temperatures. Our collection currently consists of thin sleeping bags called Night Lett with a TOG of 0.5, year-round sleeping bags called Night with a TOG of 2, and thicker sleeping bags which will be introduced in autumn 2024 with a TOG of approximately 3.5.

Remember that this is only a general guide, and there will be individual differences in how babies react to temperature. It is important to monitor your baby's comfort level and adjust dressing and the TOG value of the sleeping bag accordingly. Choose clothing based on how warm or cold your child tends to get – you know your child best!

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