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When you are choosing a foot muff for your baby, there are several factors to consider. Especially when it comes to winter foot muffs, here are some aspects to think about before making a decision:

Season and usage: Consider whether you need a foot muff solely for the winter or one that can be used year-round.

Style and Design: Think about which colors and designs will complement your stroller, if that's something you're considering. The combination of practicality and aesthetics can offer the best experience.

Versatile Use: Is there a possibility of using the foot muff in other situations, like in a car seat, bicycle trailer, or sled? Certain features such as length, durability, and weather resistance might become more important in those cases.

Materials and Quality: The foot muff market is diverse, with options available in various materials and qualities.

Sustainability: Do you want to make more sustainable choices, even when it comes to your baby? Factors like an extension piece that allows the foot muff to be used for several years, various certifications, and testing can all be things to look for.

When it comes to temperature, there's no universal standard as children's warmth requirements vary. We have customers using our winter foot muffs across the country, regardless of climate. To find the right balance, we recommend trying different clothing combinations inside the foot muff. An easy way to check if your baby is comfortable is to feel their neck.

Below, we've compiled an overview of the key features and differences between our winter foot muffs and year-round foot muffs. Hopefully, this will assist you in finding the perfect foot muff for your precious child. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we're here to help. We wish you the best of luck with your choice – we're confident you'll find a favorite among our products!

Easygrow foot muffs

Easygrow Mysig

A foot muff for all seasons, as simple as that

Mysig is an innovative foot muff that stands out from the rest of our range in several ways. It's a 3-season foot muff, meaning it can be used across more seasons than other options. It's perfect for mild winters and chilly springs. Adjust your baby's clothing, and you'll have a foot muff you can use from late summer through fall, winter, and into late spring. Soft and lightweight, it fits wonderfully in a stroller bag. It also features a universal back opening for harnesses that fits all stroller models.

Mysig is our first foot muff filled with recycled polyester derived from corn fibers. This sustainable alternative to down is both vegan and organic. The fluffy and airy filling provides a lightweight and breathable foot muff, ideal for mild winters and the transitional seasons of spring and fall.

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Easygrow Nord - Best in test 2018, 2019 og 2020

The foot muff for all seasons, year after year

Nord has been a leading favorite in the foot muff market for several years. It has also achieved an impressive triple Best in Test award from

Here you get a foot muff of the utmost quality, designed for versatile use. Nord includes a removable down duvet that can easily be swapped for a thinner wool variant during the warmer seasons. This makes Nord the ideal foot muff for the entire year.

Filled with ample down and wool in the back, Nord keeps the baby comfortably warm while allowing for proper breathability, creating a cozy atmosphere for the baby in the stroller. The included extension part and the option to purchase an additional wool duvet make Nord a foot muff that can be enjoyed through a significant part of the year and for many years to come.

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Easygrow Nature - Best in test 2017

A parent's favourite, made even better

A premium foot muff that won the foot muff test by FamilieKlubben VG and Babytesterne in 2017. With an 80/20 blend of down and feathers, it offers a soft and warm experience. The high-quality down filling is breathable, insulating, and produced according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (18.HCN.38944). The distinctive black interior sets it apart, and the Nordic design adds a unique style.

The hood can be easily tightened at three points, and the fur trim adds extra warmth and comfort. The foot muff fits from newborn to around 4 years old and adapts to various strollers with the new hook-and-loop back solution, inspired by our popular car seat bags. We've maintained the well-known and beloved design, warmth properties, and quality that our customers have appreciated for many years.

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Easygrow Harmoni

The world's first foot muff with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The first foot muff to ever receive the Swan Label! With the Swan Label, it's verified that it's of good quality, free from unwanted chemicals, and that all the materials used in the foot muff meet strict requirements.

These requirements also encompass ethical and social considerations. For example, the down in the foot muff is not plucked from live birds, and the factory's working conditions adhere to the UN's core conventions for labor standards.

The outer fabric consists of 100% polyester, while the interior is made of premium organic cotton. The filling is a blend of 90% high-quality down and 10% feathers. It is certified according to Oeko-tex Standard 100 (18.HCN.38944).

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Easygrow Norse

For those in need of the longest foot muff

This is a classic and warm winter foot muff. Norse is filled with premium down and has breathable wool in the back. It's luxuriously soft for the baby and seamlessly works with the Easygrow car seat adapter, making it easy to move a sleeping baby after a stroll. Crafted to withstand harsh weather and intense use over multiple years, Norse is the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The hood can be tightened at three points for added warmth around the head, and with the extension part, Norse is one of the longest winter foot muffs available on the market.

Norse is our longest winter foot muff with the extension part. Hence, it can last even longer as your child grows. Perfect for those with taller children or those planning to use it in sleds, bicycle trailers, or on camping trips. Norse is filled with breathable down in an 80/20 blend of premium quality and produced in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (18.HCN.38944).

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Easygrow Exclusive

That extra touch of design

The Exclusive foot muff provides the ultimate package for a delightful winter – with an extra touch of design! With the Exclusive, you get a warm and inviting down foot muff with wool in the back, keeping the baby warm through the coldest winter months. Simultaneously, this foot muff features delicate snowflake details in its design, capturing the essence of the season it's made for.

With an 80/20 down-feather blend and wool in the back, this foot muff offers optimal warmth. Perfect from newborn through the child's first 4 years or beyond the stroller period.

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Easygrow Hygge

The softest winter foot muff

Perhaps the most comfortable foot muff we've ever created. It combines modern design with the renowned Easygrow quality, including down filling, wool in the back, and an extension part. The result is a foot muff that envelops the baby in a warm, soft, and comfortable atmosphere.

Hygge is available in four color choices – two neutral options and two livelier ones. It's designed to span the entire stroller period and particularly excels in stroller bassinets.

The foot muff is windproof and has a water column of 3000 mm. It includes an extension part and comes in a convenient storage pouch. The hood can be cinched together for a snug fit around the baby. With a 70/30 down-feather blend and wool in the back.

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Easygrow Grandma / Grandma Saga

Year-round foot muff in lovely knitting pattern

A year-round foot muff, meticulously constructed with bamboo viscose and wool to provide an extra soft and comfortable experience for the baby, all while offering warmth.

On the front of the foot muff, you'll find a removable down duvet that can be taken in and out according to need and season. Grandma is windproof and has a water column of 3000 mm, ensuring that this foot muff can handle the Nordic climate.


Easygrow Ferd Mini and Ferd Maxi

The perfect match with your car seat

A car seat foot muff is a brilliant solution to ensure both comfort and safety for children on car rides. A car seat foot muff ensures that the harness can snugly fit against the body while keeping the child warm and comfortable. You can easily open the foot muff when the car gets warm and quickly close it when you're heading out, without needing to loosen the harness to put on or take off a jacket.

In our range, you'll find Ferd Mini, tailored for car seat 0+, and Ferd Maxi, for car seat 1-2. These versatile foot muffs not only fit perfectly on car seats but also work excellently in the stroller bassinet and seat, as well as in bicycle trailers. With our car seat foot muffs, you're ready for a comfortable and secure journey, no matter where you're headed.

Ferd Mini and Maxi are filled with 20% down to ensure a comfortable temperature during car rides. It also features wool in the back that effortlessly adjusts according to the temperature.

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