Which footmuff for spring should I choose?


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A thinner foot muff is super practical for spring, summer, and autumn. It keeps baby warm and cozy while protecting from weather elements. Particularly handy with unpredictable weather, as you can open and close it around the baby as needed. You can use it from newborn in the bassinet and later move it to the seat unit. There are many different spring foot muffs on the market, so we have listed some points to consider when choosing the right one for you.

5 things to think about when choosing a foot muff for spring:

  1. Filling: Most foot muffs for spring and summer either have no filling or a light synthetic filling. Down tends to be too warm in a spring bag. Consider your needs. Think about when you will start using the spring foot muff, the climate where you live, and how warm your baby usually is. It's smart to have a bag that won't get too warm, so you can use it often and only add extra clothes when necessary.

  2. Windproof: Check if the spring foot muff is windproof. Scandinavian spring and summer can be windy, and even if the sun is shining, the wind can be cold. Avoid exposing your baby to cold drafts by choosing a windproof foot muff.

  3. Breathability: A foot muff intended for use during warmer seasons must be made of a breathable material to avoid overheating and ensure comfort. A foot muff that is both windproof and breathable provides the best comfort for the baby.

  4. Adjustability: Ensure that the spring foot muff can be adjusted to fit the child's size and can be used over several years. A bag with an extension piece is both practical and environmentally friendly and will save you both money and stress.

  5. Universal fit: Consider choosing a foot muff that fits all types of strollers. This makes it easy to switch between different strollers, travel strollers, and borrowed strollers during trips or other outings.

This it our best tip for spring foot muffs:

SPIRE foot muff


LYNG foot muff

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