3 things to think about when choosing a foot muff for spring


Our best tip!

A thinner stroller sleeping bag is super practical to have in the stroller for spring, summer, and fall. The spring bag keeps the baby warm and cozy and keeps out weather and wind. It is especially practical for unpredictable weather, as you can open and close it around the baby as needed. You can use it from newborn in the carrycot and later move it over to the seat unit.

3 things to think about when choosing a foot muff for spring:

  1. Breathability: A stroller sleeping bag to be used in warmer seasons must be made of a breathable material to avoid getting too hot and to keep it comfortable. Being windproof while also breathable provides the best comfort for the baby.

  2. Adjustability: Another thing to look for is that the foot muff can be adjusted according to the size of the child. A foot muff with an extension part allows it to be used over several years. This is both economic and environmentally smart.

  3. Universal fit: It may be wise to buy a foot muff that is universal and will fit in all strollers. Then you can easily switch it between your main stroller and other strollers, or if you borrow a stroller on vacation.

This it our best tip for a spring foot muff:

SPIRE foot muff


LYNG foot muff

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