How to change the duvet on Nord foot muff


Change the duvet

Easygrow Nord foot muff comes with a down duvet that is placed inside the foot muff. With this duvet, Nord becomes a wonderful winter foot muff that keeps your child warm on cold days. For spring and autumn, you can remove this down duvet and purchase a thinner wool duvet that attaches to the foot muff. Then you suddenly have the ultimate year-round foot muff.

Changing the duvet:

  • Open your Nord footmuff. Inside each front side, you will find an opening with Velcro. Inside this "pocket" lies the duvet. It is tied in several places along the edges. Turn the pocket inside out to access all the ties and untie them.

  • At the top of the footmuff, in the hood, you will also find a zipper that you can unzip along the entire edge of the hood. There, you will also find the duvet. Untie all the knots there as well.

  • Once you have loosened all the ties both on each front side and along the hood, you can pull the entire duvet out through the opening in the hood.

  • Then, insert the duvet you want to switch to. Start by threading each side down from the hood opening and lay them flat inside the footmuff. Then, all the ties must be knotted back onto the footmuff, both on the front sides and in the hood. Finally, all openings can be closed.

In the video below, you can see how to switch from one duvet to another.

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