Mattress Topper with waterproof bottom

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Mattress topper with waterproof bottom. For use when potty training or bedwetting. Perfect also when traveling.

  • Soft and airy cotton cover
  • Highly absorbent layer in the middle that attracts fluid and the keeps the surface feeling dry
  • Waterproof layer at the bottom that prevents stains and bacteria in the mattress
  • Easy to clean
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There is no longer any reason to worry about leaks or wet mattresses at night. Perfect when potty training or in case of bedwetting. This mattress topper leaves the top feeling dry and makes a big different in comfort. The waterproof bottom also prevents the fluid to leak on to the mattress.

If the leaks are not so frequent, we recommend that you have sheets on the mattress topper. This is to save washing. If there are large and often leaks, you can lie directly on the mattress topper. Should there be a time between each wash, we recommend that the bottom is removed and the inside is ventilated once in a while (eg when changing sheets and bedding) out and the drying time is significantly reduced. Make sure the inside is completely dry before closing the zipper again.


Open the zipper and wash both layers at 60 ° C in the same machine. This means that what has accumulated inside the core is washed out and that the drying time is significantly reduced.

The bottom dries quickly after spinning.

The quilted part can be tumble dried easily. We do not recommend that it be tumbled every time, as this pulls fibers out of the product and makes it thinner with each wipe.

For both tumbling and spinning, it is important to stretch the quilted part before it is completely dry. The absorbent water tends to contract but can be easily formed in the moist state.

Do not use fabric softener, as this encapsulates the absorbent fibers and gradually reduces the absorbency.

Remember to ventilate the inside if the mattress topper is not washed regularly.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Quilted cotton / polyester
waterproof bottom
Hygienic materials
Machine wash 60 degrees - no rinse aid
Hanged up to dry - stretched in wet condition
Quilted cotton / polyester
Eco Tex-100-certified materials
DRY function
Breathable surface, high-absorption Rayon and waterproof bottom
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71.20 EUR
Mattress topper with waterproof bottom. For use when potty training or bedwetting. Perfect also when traveling. Soft and airy cotton cover Highly absorbent layer in the middle that attracts fluid and the keeps the...
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